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First post

So this is the start of what is by now my third attempt to get a blog going in the last two years. Back in 2013, I started a blog reviewing games on mobile phones. I planned for it to be the go to space for anything mobile gaming related and that hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic gamers would scour the web to find the site with the best review and ultimately land on my page. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that one of the prerequisites of focusing on such a narrow topic is that you should have a keen interest in that topic in order to keep up the enthusiasm. Well, I play a few games here and there on my phone, but at the end of the day, I have many other things higher on my priority list of things that I enjoy. In the end the site had a total of two posts and the registration for the domain lapsed back to the domain registrar. However, it was a great learning experience nonetheless as I can now highlight two aspects that I struggled with in particular:

(a) finding enough content to write about (never mind being enthused by it) and
(b) sticking to a regular posting schedule.

If only I had stuck with it,  I would now have hundreds of posts on the page and essentially be an expert in anything mobile gaming related as well as blogging software. Not to forget, I would probably be able to write a blog post in a speed rivalling the very best Olympic Blogging Athletes (a quick google tells me that there are no contenders for the Gold medal…. this may be my chance…). Alas, the old blog has long been abandoned and I have to start a site from scratch again.

What you can expect from me in this latest iteration is that I will tackle this project with unstblogppable enthusiasm!
After a few hiccups in setting this site up (more about that in one of the later posts) I have now, after a week of tinkering and think(er)ing, come up with a topic that this blog will target. What better way to start blogging than to write about how to set up a blog from scratch?

So, the first topic of this blog is going to be everything and anything to do with how to set up a blog, make it look nice whilst flowing nicely and smoothly, and down the line I will focus on how one can get the most out of blogging (attracting web traffic and exposing your blog to a larger audience). The theme I’ve currently selected is bland and boring and illustrates perfectly what I know about blogging: absolutely zilch.
Down the line, I’ll try to adapt a somewhat more professional layout for this blog and by then this site should boast plenty of excellent and useful posts for you all. The aim is that I become more familiar with all the intricacies that come with setting up one’s very own propaganda machine blog. As a result, you, my dear reader, will partake in this journey and become more knowledgeable as well 🙂

Topics to be thoroughly dissected include (but are not limited to) the following:

– Registering a domain
– Going through some of the added software packages available at registration- Setting up a hosting service
– Setting up a blogging page (incl. the themes that can be purchased alongside it)
– Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
– And much much more

Join me on a journey of magical adventures to the land of wordpress and blogspot!

Happy Monday!

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